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1. How can I secure my personal valuables?

The company has no responsibility over the safe-keeping of your personal belongings, unless they are given to the Purser’s Office of the ship for safe-keeping. Baggage must not contain valuable objects. Valuable objects can be handed in to the responsible officers of the ship for safe-keeping.

2. How can I make a reservation and get my ticket?

In order to travel with us you can buy your tickets :

• through our website www.seajets.gr

• at the central ticket office of our company in Piraeus Port ( Gate E8 , +30 210 4190233 , +30 210 4101480 )

• The headquarters of our company in Piraeus (D. Gounaris 2 on the 2nd floor tel +30 210 4121001)

• at any cooperating travel agency in Greece and abroad.

3. It is necessary to give my personal information to issue a ticket?

In accordance with European Directive 98/41/EC, it is mandatory to register the names of all persons on board each sail.

For the purposes of registration, the tickets state the passenger's NAME and in all cases:
The passenger’s name, Their sex: male/female, Their age: adult/child/infant, as well as their contact details.
Please insist on stating your number since it is for your best interest in case of cancellation of a sail due to force majeure or schedule modifications. 

4. In case I lose my ticket, what will I do?

In case of ticket loss, the company must be informed before sailing either by telephone (+30 210 4121001 and +30 210 4101480) or e-mail (customerservice@seajets.gr) at least one hour before departure. In case you address to a travel agency they have to inform us before the vessel departure.

The passenger must buy new tickets, state the loss in writing to the company and include all of the lost ticket's details (day and time of travel, itinerary, ticket no and new ticket no, as well as copy of the new tickets).

Following an audit conducted by the company and within 1 month from the day of submission of such request, provided that the lost ticket has not been used to travel, the passenger may receive a free ticket the total value of which will amount to that of the lost ticket.

5. What happens if a ticket is canceled?

Up to 14 days before departure : 100% refund Up to 7 days before departure : 75 % refund Up to 12 hours before departure : 50 % refund For cancellations made in less than 12 hours before the departure no refund can be made . For cancellation is required presentation of the ticket to the travel agent who issued them ( only authorized for cancellations) . It is not allowed to cancel tickets by phone, fax and email. Tickets can also be converted to open date tickets (open) at least 24 hours before departure. Open date tickets can be replaced with another date tickets for any route subject to availability (valid for one year and it can not be canceled, the fare is non-refundable). For conversion to open date ticket is required presentation of the ticket to the issuer, to any central agency or to our main office.

6. What happens in the event of cancellation of a ticket if I do book online through the website www.seajets.gr :

The terms of the previous paragraph (5.) apply to cancel tickets purchased through our website. Provided here the possibility to request cancellation by email, which should be sent at least one working day before the respective cancellation deadline, in which , clearly indicating the details of the reservation. If the ticket is already issued it is required presentation of the ticket coupon at the company’s main office or the central agent at the port of departure. Tickets converted to open date via email only if the request was sent at least 7 days before departure from any central port agent up to 24 hours before departure.

7. How can I get my ticket if I book online?

• From the booking office inside the port of Piraeus at least one hour before the departure . (Seajets Booth, Gate E8, open from 5:45 a.m.) • From the headquarters of our company in Piraeus (D. Gounaris 2 on the 2nd floor daily Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 18:00 in the afternoon). • by the central port agents . • For bookings made ​​through our website, we can send the tickets with courier, for a small fee .

8. Can I take my pet with me?

Yes they can stay in the specially designated kennels, which are located on all our vessels. Passengers travelling with a pet should hold updated health documents for their pet and are responsible for the pet’s care, safety and hygiene. Unaccompanied pets are not accepted for embarkation. 


9. I have a ticket with Group discount, can I cancel it?

Group tickets are not changed, can not be canceled or converted to open date tickets .

10. Can I send unaccompanied with your company?

Unfortunately we do not send unaccompanied with the ships of our company.

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