Respecting the legal framework and fully complying with government traffic restriction measures, Seajets Group announces the following:

Due to the special circumstances of the COVID -19 Pandemic, Governments throughout the world have suspended all flights or applied travel restrictions to certain people, nationalities, and/or countries recently visited. Greece has announced a temporary restriction in passenger and ferry services.

These emergency measures but also the uncertainty to travel during these unprecedented times, has led to many cancellations.


Replace Your Tickets - Extended Flexible Rebooking Option

Due to the above reasons of force majeure we inform you that our company enables you to convert your tickets into Credit Voucher, which can be replaced with new tickets at a later date to any destination covered by our company without any extra charge.


This option applies to anyone who has purchased tickets up to 31st of May 2020, whether or not the trip has been canceled.

Credit vouchers are valid for any route of your choice until the 31st of December 2022.


How To Receive Your Credt Vouchers:

  • For tickets purchased through or Seajets’ call center (0030 2107107710):  click on this link or email us at, including your booking code, the itinerary and the dates of your trip.
  • For tickets purchased from a partnering agency:
    Contact your ticketing agency.


Terms and Conditions

  1. To enable this feature please contact as stated above our company or your ticket agent:
    • Up to 3 days prior to travel date for active and running itineraries.
    • Up to two months after the scheduled travel date for canceled itineraries.


  2. Requests should only be made by the person who made the reservation or by an authorized representative. The message should include the booking code, the itinerary and the dates of the trip. For any reservations that meet the above requirements, a credit voucher will be sent in accordance with the terms below.


  3. All requests will be handled separately and our aim is to reply to you within 30 working days, the latest.


  4. When planning your next trip, contact your agency for new tickets using your credit vouchers. For tickets purchased through our website or call center click on the link or email


  5. The new tickets will have to be used for any itinerary by 31/12/2022.


  6. All tickets must be replaced with one booking / transaction and each ticket may be replaced with a new one of the same seat category.


  7. If the new booking is of greater value than the previous one (e.g. more expensive tickets), there will be no extra charge.


  8. If the new booking is of lesser value than the credit voucher, the difference is not refundable.


  9. The new reservation may apply to any destination within Seajets’ network.

  10. In case you have not used your credit voucher after 18 months since the date of your trip, you are entitled to a full refund.

Seajets tickets terms and conditions apply to all bookings made with a Credit Voucher.